Machine Gun Preacher

The Controversial – Machine Gun Preacher (MGP), Sam Childers is coming to Australia! (BOOKINGS MUST BE VIA EVENT BRITE

2023/4 is being pipped as a big year for Sam as a new movie Machine Gun Preacher 2, rumored to be called “The Last Rescue” its due to start being filmed in Northern Uganda in April & the USA July 2023… with actor Nicolas Cage said to be playing Childers in the latest of his child rescues in the Congo. Release date 2024.

With a new book and documentary for 2023 also… he will be a busy man!

Childers has come a long way since being splashed all over US media as a savior of child soldiers in Northern Uganda. That was back in 2005 when NBC televisions Dateline aired a story called “Children of War” by Keith Morrison – soon then came movie, documentary and TV offers from all over the US… but Childers said a Flat out NO!!! – he wanted to just rescue children… It wasn’t too long after that his friends convinced him to write a book and sign a movie deal with combined studios, Lionsgate, Relativity Media and Richard Branson’s Virgin Media – (Aussie legend – Mel Gibson even got involved) the deal would bring in funding that would allow Childers to rescue more children – little did this hillbilly from the mountains of Pennsylvania understand how things were about to explode.

Machine Gun Preacher the movie and his book Another Mans War (which the movie is based from) propelled Childers to an overnight success story that has seen him speak to audiences of 10’s of thousands all around the world and share his message of hope.

It’s commonly known that Childers was once a real scumbag 1%er biker – living a life of drugs and violence – he was even an armed guard for drug dealers and a heavy at one the biggest strip clubs in Florida – that’s where he met his 1st wife Lynne, she was a stripper. After nearly being killed in a crazy bar fight, Childers turned his life around to encompass Christianity. Sam was soon on a mission to East Africa… although he had no idea what was around the corner.

Wasn’t long before Childers found himself in a battle to free children that had been captured by rebel militias and being brainwashed to become child soldiers in South Sudan and Northern Uganda – that was 25 years ago. He is still there today fighting for the stolen children.

2023 and Childers organisation (Angels of East Africa) houses around 360 orphaned children. He’s also drilled dozens of wells in East Africa – built many schools and has 3 major trade and agricultural training centres in Northern Uganda. See

MGP will be a guest speaker at over 30 events in NSW, QLD & NT – with Gold Coast Chapel hosting an event on the Thursday 16 March, 7PM at 67 Warrener St, Nerang.

Sam Childers is also the only American to be honoured with the Mother Teresa Award for International Social Justice for his work in rescuing children.

See Sam Childers aka the Machine Gun Preacher at: 67 Warrener St, Nerang on Thursday 16 March at 7PM.

1 Night

Date: Thursday 16th March

Time: 7:00pm

Location: 67 Warrener St, Nerang

Capacity: Limited Seats (You need to book here- )

Hosted by : Gold Coast Chapel

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March 16, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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